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Light Bulb Recommendations
for Jezebel Lighting

The glass comes with a sticker on it indicating the maximum wattage for your lamp. Please check the UL sticker that is on your lamp shade when it arrives to see the maximum wattage recommended for your lamp.

Jezebel Lighting uses medium (1” base) or candelabra (1/2” base) sockets. These light bulbs can be purchased at any major department or hardware store.

All of our lights are designed for functional levels of luminance. Lower wattages add to the ambience. Colored light bulbs will enhance the color effects of the glass.

Appearance: The best fitting/looking bulbs are called bent-tip, flame-tip and bullet nose. These bulbs have an oval shape and look a little like a flame.

For Pendant Lights: We recommend light bulbs that are for ceiling fans. These usually have a heavier filament and therefore, last longer.

Energy Efficient Bulbs: You can use CFLs (compact fluorescent light bulbs) if you like. These usually allow for a higher wattage equivalent. Please note: they must be turned all the way on or off when used with a dimmer.
You can also use LED light bulbs (Light Emitting Diodes).

Chart for converting watts to lumens

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