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David Wagner Stained Glass Installations

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Photos of David Wagner's Works

55 inches wide, 80 inches tall.

Close-up #1.

Close-up #2.

Artist's Biography

     David Wagner received his BFA from the University of Minnesota in 1980 and has spent the following 30 years working in the generation, design, fabrication and installation of large scale architectural art projects throughout the US and Asia. He spent 10 years in Singapore, completing many public art works in SE Asia. Since returning to the US in 1999, he has concentrated on working with architects and contemporary artists to produce large scale public art, specializing in glass and steel. He provides the generation, modeling, architect liaison, engineering, fabrication, and installation of public artwork in collaboration with a wide range of artists, typically working within the artist team format.

     In addition to his work in public art, Wagner has designed and produced many art glass projects for residences in the US and Asia. He often makes extensive use of painting and hand-beveled glass in these projects.

Below is a selection of the public art projects managed, engineered, and installed by David Wagner in the last 10 years.



Artist & Architect

2009Hotel Indigo, San Diego, CA
Enameled art glass and steel sculpture, 18’ x 42’
Lisa Schirmer
David Wong
2007Lee Daiwon Memorial, Seoul, S. Korea
Glass and stone sculpture, 18’ tall
Tal Streeter
2007Oakland International Airport, Oakland, CA
Enameled art glass wall, 160’ x 10’
Hung Liu
Carter Burgess
2006Airport Train Station, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
2 laminated & sculpted glass walls, 50’ x 10
Lutz Haufschild
Charles Chen Arch.
2006Montgomery Museum of Fine Art
Laminated and painted glass wall, 18’ x 12’
Cappy Thompson
2006Mountain View City Parking Garage
Enameled art glass wall, 15’ x 22’
Shan Shan Sheng
2006Evergreen State College, Olympia, WA
Laminated and painted glass wall, 66’ x 10’
Cappy Thompson
2005New York State Capital Building, Albany, NY
2 kiln formed elevator lobby panels, 5’ x 8’
Wilson, Cohn, Mehsic Baker
2005Vineland VA Home, Vineland, NJ
2 laminated & painted art glass curtain walls, 3’ x 15’
Ken Leap
2005St. Thomas College, Minneapolis, MN
Kiln formed suspended art glass curtain wall, 110’ x 30’
Alexander Tylevich
2004New Jersey Transit station platform, Bayonne, NM
Exterior laminated art glass wall, 35’ x 6’
Ken Leap
2004BioMedical Research Institute, Seattle, WA
Art glass mobile 3 ‘x 20’, 6 laminated art glass panels, 3’ x 5’
Linda Beaumont
2004TriMet Light Rail Station platforms, Portland, OR
2 steel & laminated art glass towers, 3’ x 10’
Fernanda D’Agostino
2004St. Francis Church, Morgantown, WV
Laminated art glass suspended sculpture, 8’ x 15’
Alexander Tylevich
2004Hillsdale Community Library, Portland, OR
Laminated art glass curtain wall 60’ x 12’
Jochem Poensgen
Thomas Hacker
2004St. John’s Episcopal School, Jacksonville, FL
9 art glass windows, each 4’ x 15’
Maureen McGuire
2004St. Ignatius Church, San Francisco, CA
2 multi layer art glass installations, 5’ x 10’
Lutz Haufschild
2003Seatac International Airport, Seattle, WA
Art glass environment, 200’ x 8’
Linda Beaumont
2003San Jose, Light Rail canopy skylights, San Jose, CA
8 outdoor train station canopies, art glass and metal
Lyle & Whitesavage
2003Congress Building, Philadelphia, PA
20’ x 20’ exterior art glass building, 10’ x 10’ curtain walls
Pepon Osorio
Fairmount Park Art Assn.
2003Seatac International Airport, Seattle, WA
90’ x 30’ curtain wall art glass installation
Cappy Thompson
2002Kean University, Union, NJ
Painted and laminated art glass wall, 12’ x 10’
Ken Leap
2002Sisters of St. Joseph, Orange, CA
Laminated art glass wall, 32’ x 8’
Mark Eric Gulsrud
2002Christ the King Church, Singapore
11 art glass windows, each 6’ x 20’
John Calligan
Timothy Wong

A small selection of architectural art works designed and fabricated by Wagner:

1999Europa Country Club, Tokyo
Two 12’ x 42’ curved art glass skylights
Several beveled and acid etched glass windows
David Wagner
Meng Li Tan
1999Hard Rock Hotel, Kuta, Bali
28’ x 30’ x 12’ art glass wave
Staircase art glass window, 10’ x 33’
David Wagner
Anthony Lee
1999Law Society Building, Singapore
3D art glass skylight, 14’ x 7’ x 9’
David Wagner
Richard Ho Architects
1999St. Peter Catholic Cathedral, Kuwait City
Sanctuary window, 10’ x 5’
David Wagner
1998Hard Rock Café, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Two art glass stage windows, 10’ x 21’ each
David Wagner
1997Bethesda Charismatic Church, Singapore
Nine Nave windows, 5’ x 18’
David Wagner
Cyril Chew Architects
1996Yue Hwa Dept Store, Singapore
Art glass barrel vault skylight, 105’ x 34’
David Wagner
Meng Li Tan
1996British High Commission, KL, Malaysia
Atrium art glass skylight, 18’ diameter
David Wagner
Chan Yue Yee
1995Hard Rock Café, Taipei
Art glass window triptych, each 6’ x 12’
David Wagner
1994Gas Negara Headquarters, Jakarta, Indonesia
Several office and conference room art glass windows
David Wagner
Cyril Chew
1993Equatorial Hotel, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Art glass lobby skylight, 120’ x 15’
David Wagner
Shoon Liew

Professional Memberships
  • Stained Glass Association of America
  • Americans for the Arts
  • American Craft Council
Published Articles
  • Ministry & Liturgy
  • Environment and Arts
  • Stained Glass Quarterly
  • Neues Glas in Deutschland
  • Singapore Architect
  • Drachen Magazin
  • This Side Up

Download David Wagner's Biography in Word Document format here.