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Lilith and Adam stained glass

Lilith & Adam

Estimated Price: $30,000.
Dimensions: 60" High, 21" Wide.
Materials: Stained Glass and Pewter.
Custom sizes available $30,000 and up.

       The story of Lilith and Adam dates between 2000 B.C. 1000 A.D. in religious history: the world turning from a Matriarchy into a Patriarchy. This evolution is exemplified via the major myth of Lilith, Adam and Eve. In order to assimilate the ancient Pagan belief systems into the new Judeo-Christian religions, the existing stories needed new twists. The early monotheists took important female symbols and showed their strengths as evil and unacceptable to their new male God. It is in this creation myth of the first woman and man that the struggle for religious power is portrayed during this tumultuous time.

       The original Lilith was “divine Lady” to the Pagan Canaanites of 2000 B.C.. For the Jews she became the First Woman who coupled with Adam, the First Man. In a highly symbolic act, Lilith refused to lie beneath during intercourse. The position favored by ancient matriarchs was to squat on top. The new patriarchy insisted that man be on top. Catholic authorities said that any sexual position other than the male-superior one was sinful. Likewise, Moslems said, “Accursed be the man who make woman heaven and himself earth.”

       When Adam tried to take her by force, she left the Garden of Eden and went to live by the Red Sea where she had great sex (with supposed Demons) and lots of children. Upon refusing to go back to Adam in Eden, God punished Lilith by killing one hundred of her children each day. Yet, it was Lilith who became known as the child killer, not God. God then made Eve out of Adam's own rib to ensure obedience. Years later, Lilith was removed from Holy Scriptures completely.

       Jezebel works inherently capture a feminine perspective. In this image we are looking over Lilith's shoulder. The two are standing facing each other in a loving embrace with neither one on top or bottom, thus reflecting an entirely new paradigm: Equality.

       Jezebel's art is symbolic with meanings that relate to many different cultures past and present. In "Lilith and Adam", each item, creature, plant or shape is intended to represent a history of interpretations.

How to custom order a stained glass window from Jezebel:
  1. Order a sketch plus estimate for $300 (deducted from the end price).
  2. Choose your color palette and finalize changes to your sketch.
  3. Make a half down payment to commence artwork.
  4. 90 to 120 days later your custom artwork will be complete. Final payment will be due and shipping quotes are attained for you.
  5. Windows are usually installed on the inside of your existing window pane and secured with wood trim. They can be ordered to hang from hooks on the corners instead. They can also be sealed inside a double-pane window.